Our Stores Story

    After running a store on eBay called Beauty and Beyond for you since 2004 with over 25,000 successful sales and 100% positive feed back from customers. We decided to expand our horizons a little and went on to Shopify and started a store called Junkdrawercoolfinds.com the idea behind the name was junk drawer was the most searched phrase on eBay at the time and I figured to have the most searched phrase on eBay in the title of our store would bring more business to us free. 

    We opened our Shopify store. And we were able to advertise it on our own website as well as Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, linked-in & Messenger.

    We started to supplement our inventory with dropship products that gave us the ability to offer a wide variety of 1000's of products out of our store to our customers.

    We are very proud to bring our store Junkdrawercoolfinds.com to you our customers, enjoy!

Shawna & Penny Badgley